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Goals & Accomplishments: TMC & Diamond Children’s Center


We recently finished outfitting Diamond Children’s Center, all 16 of TMC’s pediatric Emergency rooms, and all 36 TMC pediatric ward rooms with PS3 games, movies and extra controllers.

Both hospitals are now completely outfitted!

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Our next goal is to set up a movie theatre room. Children who are sick or in treatment don’t always have the opportunity to go to the movies, so we would like to give them the chance to see first run movies and enjoy the full movie experience…popcorn, soda and snacks. All at NO cost to the family.

Our main objective as a Foundation is to provide funding for all pediatric cancer research. Every 3 minutes a child is diagnosed with some form of cancer and in the fight for their life. Our Foundation believes every child should have the chance to be a child and no child should ever have to suffer.

Stephen believed there is a cure for cancer…it just needs to be found. He participated in several experimental drug therapies; all in the hopes of curing not only his cancer but others’s as well. Even though he knew his cancer was not to be cured, Stephen said he knew all that he’d been through helped the doctors to better understand his cancer and it ultimately helped others.

Goals & Accomplishments: Update

We have completed all 96 rooms at UMC’s Diamond Children’s Center. Every room is equiped with a PS3, games and extra controls and movies.

All of the rooms on the 3rd floor Pediatric Hematology Oncology are also equipped with either a Wii, PS3 or XBox system. Each room will also include games, movies, and extra controls.

We also stocked the Hemo/Onco ward with snacks, juice and water for the patients and their families. It can get expensive to go down to the cafe for the basics.

The Foundation donates games, movies, gift cards and toys so the patients can be recognized when they have had a treatment or a proceedure. These gift cards are purchased from:

Best Buy
Boson Market
Coldstone Creamery

The toys we purchased:

Hot Wheels
Coloring books
Play Dough
Silly Puddy

Our Goals & Accomplishments


The Kick Cancer For Stephen Foundation began in February of 2009. Our focus and our purpose was clear from the beginning due to the strong desires of our motivator, Stephen A. Placencia. The foundation will continue to keep Stephen’s desires as our focus.

The foundation has hosted various events including:

  • 3V3 Soccer Tournaments
  • 4th of July FreedomRuns
  • Golf Tournament
  • and various raffles

With funds raised during these events the foundation was able to fulfill one of its on-going goals, to provide age appropriate activities for teenage cancer patients. Donations continue to be made to the University of Arizona’s Oncology Center in Tucson, Arizona.


The Foundation has committed to placing a gaming system in every room at the new Diamond Center at University Medical Center, starting with pediatric oncology rooms, of which there are 21 rooms.

The Foundation has identified two specific entities, the Ronald McDonald House in Tucson, Az and the Family House in Pittsburgh, PA, where the Placencia’s stayed during Stephen’s hospital stays, to receive donations.

Stephen’s experiences and beliefs have led to some long term goals identified by the Kick Cancer For Stephen Foundation.

Stephen believed the rain forrest should be explored to help find a cure for cancer, the foundation would like to sponsor research in that area.

The Foundation is exploring the possibility of having a theatre room at the new Diamond Center at University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona. Having a theatre at the Diamond Center would enable those undergoing treatment to have the option of viewing first run movies even when their treatment dictates that they remain at the center.

It is also a goal of the Foundation to set up a house near University Medical Center in Tucson, Arizona, to provide meals and lodging for families of patients of University Hospital.

We began these endeavors through the motivation of one very courageous young man, Stephen A. Placencia. We ask you join us in continuing his fight. The Foundation members and our many supporters have made it possible to achieve what we have so far. Our commitment is to continue reaching higher to achieve the goals inspired by Stephen.

An example of the donations made by the Kick Cancer for Stephen Foundation (to the University of Arizona’s Oncology Center):

  • LCD Flat Screen TVs
  • Gaming Systems
  • Xbox Systems
  • Playtstation 2
  • Playstation 3
  • Wii Systems
  • Various game, movies, controllers, extra batteries, gift cards
  • Snacks and drinks for the clinic